Sorry if my Womanlyness Confuses you but Cut it Out

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Sorry if my Womanlyness Confuses you but Cut it Out

Post by kinksncurves on Tue Aug 25, 2015 4:22 pm

Im so over this generation of "men". I hate the disrespect, i hate that us women give so much of ourselves to these clowns that WE KNOW don't deserve it. I'm so tired of being judged for my PAST. Im so tired of men that can't control themselves wen they see curves and cleavage as if they didn't suck on one for life and nourishment at one point in life. I'm so tired of men's childish, crude, rude, sick, creepy, disrespectful ways being justified because of how women decide to express themselves and a lot of times there is no other excuse besides the fact that throughout all the struggle that females go through trying to find their beauty with all the stereotypes, statistics, and man/girl on girl hate, we are just that confident in our skin. And im tired of the ones that don't understand that NO MEANS NO! ! Im so hurt and tired of this. We don't deserve to be treated as an object, dead weight, burden or piece of pu$$y. #NOMEANSNO #LOVEYOURSELFORNOBODYWILL #LOVEHEREVENIFSHEDOESNT #GIVELOVEGETLOVE #SPREADLOVE#justreflecting

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